Monday, March 30, 2009

Pictures of hopeful new house

This is the house that we have been looking at. We meet with the attorney on Wednesday to discuss contracts, etc. We are praying hard, that if this is the house for us that all the details will work out. It's perfect for us and Snickers... the yard is fully fenced and perfect for him to run around in. It's in a great area and within walking distance from Nate and Maggie's house and next door to other missionaries from YWAM (Youth With A Mission).

Please pray that God's will be done!

The house is a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom, it's quite a bit larger than our current home... but only $90 more in rent. The roof is fully enclosed so we wont deal with bug and lizard problem we have been in our current home. This new house also has a well, so we will always have water which is really great. The fireplace in the new home is actually functional unlike the one in our current home... it's just for decoration. Additionally the pump is working well at the new house, where at our current home it is leaking. Another huge perk for us is that the front gate is easy to open. The one at our current house is SO hard to open and close... it's just so old and rusty. Another great thing is that most of the windows are "real" open/close windows; which means in the winter months, we may stay just a little warmer than in this house. When we first arrived it was SO cold here. So, all that to say, this other house is a huge blessing!

Here are some more photos!

After you first walk through the front door this is the view... the living room and dinning room. The opening on the right leads to a bathroom and two bedrooms.

This is the other angle... there is the "working" fireplace. The door on the left goes into the master bedroom. and beyond that (all the way to the back), that opening goes into the kitchen.

Here is the view of the entrance to a bathroom and the two bedrooms (one on either side of the bathroom). On the left is a closet. The connections for an inverter (small generator) are inside there.

This is one bedroom... the view is from the door.

The closet

This is the bathroom... not necessarily the colors I would have chosen :)
But everything is in working order... which is the most important!

This is the master bedroom. Off to the right is the entrance to the closet and around the corner from that is the bathroom.

Here is the closet

This is the bathroom in the master bedroom

This is the kitchen. Unfortunately this is a typical Dominican kitchen... it's not my favorite, but hopefully after a little work, it will be ready for fun meals and treats :)

This is the view from inside the house to the outside... it's a little hard to see because I didn't open the gate all the way... oh well... you get the point :)

This is the view from the front porch. Nice big front yard for our great big dog! He will love it. There is not a back yard at all, but there is very small porch on the back... we probably wont sit back there because it's not very pretty... in fact, it looks straight into the backyard of our neighbors.

So this is it... I hope you enjoyed the virtual tour!


Russell said...

This house would be perfect for you, so we will pray hard that it works out... or something even better if not. :) I can see Snickers curled up in front of the fire now. Happy doggie days ahead!

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