Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Results Are In...

Maybe you are wondering what happened today with the house and negotiations??? Well... we got the house!!! And the "house keeper", at no expense to us, is going to completely clean out and sanitize the water cistern, replace the kitchen with new cabinets and cupboards, and pay for all new paint to repaint the house (we are going to be the painters). And he is going to move that huge, ugly antenna that is sitting in the front yard on the left of the house. YEAH!

We are SOOOO excited!!! We wont be able to move in until this next team has come and gone, but we are hoping to have the house ready to moved into by Saturday (which means all the cleaning and painting has to be done inside). Then, once this team heads back home on April 11, we can move in!

The yard needs some work, and the outside needs a good paint job, but we figured that could be worked on once we're in the place.

Anyhow... we just wanted to deliver that GREAT news.

Prayer Requests:
1. this next team is here during an important time for the Dominican people - semana Santa - "Holy week". It is a time where many people don't work, or only work through Wednesday. Many staff members are having a hard time with the fact that they have to work through Thursday, so attitudes are not at their best. Please pray that God will adjust attitudes and make this a POWERFUL time for this team. This group has never been here before and they are very excited. However they are coming at a time when the city is a very different place than it usually is - please pray also for safety, culture sensitivity, and God's hand to move.


Russell said...

Thanks for sharing the photos! It will be nice to have a bit more room so that you and Josh can hopefully have a little home-office space each. For Cindy and I working together - that really helped, especially for phone calls and so on. So glad to see this option open up for you!

Deborah said...

Yeah Josh and Vicki!!! God is sooo good :-) The pictures are awesome and we're so glad you found something you love and the Lord provided for!! So what is the difference from our kitchens to a Dominican kitchen? In the picture it looked like only a sink and that the difference?

Josh and Vicki Mathews said...

A typical Dominican kitchen is long, narrow and enclosed - not open to the rest of the house.