Thursday, March 12, 2009

How We Spend Our Day

Hola amigos! So I have been thinking that you must be wondering what Josh and I do? What does our schedule look like? Here it is!

6:00am – wake up, get ready
6:30am – leave for Base
6:40am – set up chapel for morning activities
6:50am – facilitate morning scripture reading – we are going through the book of Colossians with the teams – Josh usually leads this. Following the reading everyone gets 30 minutes to do their quiet time alone with God.
7:30am – facilitate morning worship and devotional – we don’t lead either unless someone forgets to show up. We make sure everything runs smoothly and I (Vicki) get the sound system up and running. I have led worship one time because the staff that was scheduled was sick
8:15am – eat breakfast
8:45am – get the teams onto their trucks and sent off to their work sites – Josh usually does this
9:00am – 4:00pm – this is our time to plan, get things accomplished for upcoming events and future teams. Additionally this is our time to relax and take care of personal things, like fixing our car (we just got that back) or paying bills which is done quite differently here, you have to go to the store to pay for your bills. To pay rent we have to go to the landlord’s house.
4:00pm – be available to team leaders and participants
6:00pm – dinner (we eat on base with the teams)
7:00pm – lead evening activity – we do not lead every evening activity, so some evenings we get to go home after dinner
9:00pm – end evening activity, go home

This is what our schedule “typically” looks like. On our evenings off we will usually play games with friends or go home and watch a movie. I really enjoy baking and so have been doing a little of that. Many people have not had Crème Brûlée here, so I made that for everyone – it was well received. Next I plan on making chocolate éclairs because no one has had those either! I have to wait to go to the city to get the ingredients however… I have been learning that up here on the mountain, we don’t have many necessities (or what I would consider a necessity)… such as baking soda! So I have to wait to go and get crucial ingredients.

We also enjoy spending time with Snickers – he is really sweet. We like to spoil him when we are home because we are gone so much. He is a great guard dog so he deserves it. We take him on walks sometimes, however Dominicans are terrified of dogs, so when we go walking down the narrow streets with him, people get really scared, I don’t like to do that to people. We also enjoy just sitting on our porch just talking and hanging out.

So there you have it! That’s our schedule right now. In the summer it will look slightly different and have more routine. Right now there is a little craziness… but we have been enjoying it.

We want to thank everyone for their love, support, and prayers… we wouldn’t be where we are without all of those things. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!


Russ said...

Wow. After reading this I feel like such a slacker! :) It was really interesting seeing what a typical day looks like for you (its a long one!), and I enjoyed reading how you spend your downtime too. Great post!

Deborah said...

Wow, thanks for sharing that! You must feel productive every day :-) It's really neat getting an idea of how you spend your day along with what you've told us about your leadership with the groups that come. More routine in the summer? Your schedule now sounds pretty routine to me :-)

It's great that Snickers is doing well, I bet he loves the attention he gets from you two. And what a special treat to have Vicki baking desserts! We always enjoyed your cooking Vicki :-)