Thursday, March 5, 2009

First team almost done

It is Thursday and this team will be leaving Saturday morning. The next team arrives on Sunday. The next group we will be working is mostly college students so it should be a little different experience. It has been enjoyable working with the high school students but we are excited for the oppurtunity to work with college students.

I think we have progressed pretty quickly with our training. The first couple of days of the outreach we did a little more observing but this last week we have been doing most of the leading. This next outreach will be all ours to handle from start to finish, so we are really excited for that oppurtunity. We are starting to feel comfortable doing what we are doing and have been getting more organized.

One struggle we have had is our language is not perfect so that has made it more difficult at times to communicate what we are trying to do, so at times we need to ask for help or have someone talk with another person for us. For the most part though we are able to communicate what we need to communicate. We have definately learned more spanish these last few weeks than we learned all of last summer. You are sort of forced to learn when you have to go into town to take care of business. We are looking into getting a tutor to help us progress a little faster. Hopefully, the times will work out and we will get that started soon.

We have also realized that we need to get some physical exercise so we are probably going to start going to the gym. It costs less than $10 a month to go to the gym, it is not the greatest gym you will ever see but I suppose it will do.

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