Monday, March 23, 2009

I have come to realize that when I am writing blogs, I don't really have any specific order, just many random comments... so here are more thoughts from Vicki.

Today I went running for the first time since I have been here. I was passing by probably 20-25 kids who were on their way to school and about 15 of them started running with me, ahead of me, trying to push me along (I wonder if they thought I was going to slow?). It was such an amazing moment.

Today Josh and I had our first Spanish tutoring session. We think that we are really going to enjoy our tutor. She is really neat. I think she is younger than us and she speaks (that we know of) English, Spanish, and French. She is Colombian, and she teaches at Dulos, a Christian school here that, I believe, speaks both Spanish and English. We are hoping that by May 15 we will have had over 60 hours of tutoring. We really want to be at a place where we can do everything we need to do in Spanish by the time summer teams arrive. We are SO excited.

Prayer Requests:
  1. Language learning - that we will really benefit from the Spanish lessons
  2. Home hunt - before we get locked into the home we are in currently, we are going to look around a little to see what else is available - we need God's guidance and direction in this decision
  3. Wisdom, guidance, direction, and leading from God as we begin to prepare a schedule for next year (May - April). We are really excited for freedom and flexibility but we want a solid schedule that teams will benefit from the most
  4. Health - so far we have remained healthy and we would really like to continue

We love and miss you all, thank you for your support through prayer, e-mails, skype calls, and finances. YOU ARE THE BEST TEAM WE COULD HOPE FOR!

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Deborah said...

Skype, we gotta get that still...

I like the colors you're using Vicki :-)

Any random thoughts from Josh?

So glad to hear you are both still healthy and happy! Miss you.