Monday, January 10, 2011

Resolutions & Adjustments

Goal: to lose weight
Method: attend gym
The #1 news year's resloution each year.

I have never before made a new year's resolution. I have always thought them to be the number one unkept promise made nationally (maybe even globally) every year - and therefore never felt the need to participate in a global failure to myself. This year, however, is different for me as I have a number of personal goals and therefore am embarking on a new journey! I am walking the road greatly traveled and am going to make my first new year's resolution: take more pictures!

I have a beautiful camera and love to use it but because I don't know how to use it well, I don't use it. So thanks to my friend Michael Martin, I have basic photography books volumes 1-3 and am hoping to get through them all before June. If I succeed, you will be able to see my accomplishment here on the blog!

Adjustments, it's the one thing you can be told about a million times but until you experience it yourself, you can't fully understand. Though we've been going through transitions and adjustments our whole lives and a lot since we moved here (every time we go back and forth from the states) it's always a different experience and usually throws me off a little. Since arriving back here there is the usual time difference (4 hours), culture difference, and, oh yeah... language difference! Last year after we returned back, getting back into Spanish was much more difficult than it has been this year thankfully. But this time the cultural and convenience difference has been the more difficult adjustment. For example, things closing around 6pm... like the vegetable market. Or on Sunday's the big supermarket is closed and smaller one didn't have any non-broken eggs. What can I say besides "welcome back!"

Things are going very well here, we are for the most part adjusting well. Today was great; our first work day since being back, and that has really helped with adjusting. Last night was the first thunder and lightening storm since being back - those are always really fun. And the days have been beautiful and sunny!

Thanks again to everyone for your love and support.