Sunday, March 8, 2009

A word from.... Vicki

I am so happy to finally have some time to write... it has been so crazy around here that writing on the blog is the last thing on my mind. (This is Vicki by the way)

So a funny story... since we have been here I kept saying, "we don't need a mosquito net, we'll be fine, eventually I'll stop reacting so badly to bites and it will be no big deal". WELL! Let me tell you... we have one now, and it was not a bug bite that won me over... here is the story. So last week I was laying in bed and my eyes were closed when I felt a "tap" on my stomach. I asked Josh, "yes?" He answered, "yes, what?" I said, you tapped me, what would you like? He said, I didn't tap you. So I opened my eyes and looked at my stomach to find lizard poop! GROSS!!! A lizard must have been in our rafters and pooped right down on me! I know, I know, totally disgusting. That night I slept with the blanket over my head and the next day I put up a mosquito net.

So besides that fun story :) We are doing outstanding. God has been faithful to fill us with energy and excitement. Yesterday we had a great day of rest and relaxation, and today we welcome another team. We are excited for this team, as it will be the first time we will lead EVERYTHING on our own.

We have been training Snickers (our dog) to be an inside/outside dog and it has been going very well to my surprise. He is finally getting used to the bed I bought for him and now when he comes in the house, he almost always goes straight for his bed and stays there without me having to tell him. It's been working really well and he is enjoying it more and more. I can even shut the front door now without him getting anxious... in fact, he doesn't even care! YEAH!
We still think we are going to find him a buddy, but probably not until the end of the March.

Anyway... I think that's it for now... not to much new information to share.

God is good, all the time!

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