Monday, January 18, 2010

Our 5th year together...

Josh and I just celebrated our 5th year anniversary which I think requires a little reflection. We have been immensely blessed by God over these several years as He has prepared the way for us to be where we are now. When we first were married we had purchased a condo in Poulsbo and a new car. It was our first experience living on our own, as we each had come from our parent’s house, so we were maybe a little careless with our money therefore racked up a little credit card debt on top of our new purchases. As our lives veered in different directions one thing that remained stable was Josh’s interest in basketball. This interest brought us into relationships with two people who are responsible for us having attended Northwest University. Within 4 months of their pushing, we had sold our condo, which was totally a God thing because it sold without us having an agent, decent advertisement, or the knowledge of how to do it; and we made enough money on it to pay off all our credit card debt, our car, and the move to Kirkland. While in Kirkland, we met so many wonderful people and had good jobs. During our time at college God changed Josh’s heart in a direction for missions. It had been my desire since I was 18, but I had never really told Josh. God provided the funds for us to travel to the Dominican Republic for a 2-week missions experience the summer of 2007. The summer of 2008 we returned to participate in the 10 week internship program. During that time we had been asked to pray about a job position here. After weeks of prayer and searching out God’s direction for our lives, we applied, interviewed and were accepted. We finished our final semester at college, raised the funds, and are serving here now. We have almost been here for 1 year! I can hardly believe it. The time has flown by so fast.

Some stories…
• Today it will be two weeks that we will have been back from our trip to WA. Since that time we have seen the sun like twice, today included.
• Also in that time, someone tried to steal electricity from us by attaching their cord to ours. However it completely fried the line leaving us without power for a day and half. In that ordeal our microwave was fried too and no longer works.
• Our water heater doesn’t work anymore. Lowell came over to fix it and the first thing he did didn’t work, so he has one more option. If that doesn’t work then we have to buy a new water heater… bummer. So we have been showering at the base each morning. We tried showering in the cold for two days and it was so horrible… especially because it’s been so cold and damp with all the rain.
• Lucy caught a little baby chick in her mouth on Friday. When I saw it I bolted out of the house and started chasing her all over the yard screaming at her to drop it. After about 60 seconds of this she dropped it and the little chick was able to hide behind some rocks so Lucy couldn’t get to it. Then it took Josh holding the dogs, and me like 5 minutes to actually catch the thing myself. After I caught my first chick (or chicken for that matter) I released it into its yard. Hopefully it won’t come back again.

People have been asking how the earthquake has affected us and if we are going to go to Haiti. The answer is that it has not directly affected us yet, although we know it will begin to soon. There is going to be many Haitians trying (many have already) to get into the D.R. There is not enough infrastructure here to sustain proper Dominican living let alone all the thousands if not millions that will try to come across from Haiti. Additionally, the cost of gas, water, and food along the border has shot through the roof as Haitians come across to buy it here to then go and sell it over there. We are far enough away that we should not be affected directly by this however. As for us going there… we will not be going. It is unsafe to go without an organization that is set up and prepared for mass distribution of food and water. And we don’t have the tools to help dig people out of fallen buildings. So we will be here to encourage and help the Haitian families here who lost loved ones or who still have yet to hear from their family.

Verse to remember:
Romans 1:16a – I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Feliz Ano Nuevo - Happy New Year!

I feel so blessed to have great friends and family, some of whom we got to see over our short stay in Washington over the holidays. We had a lovely Christmas holiday but are so glad to be back in the warm Caribbean. After our trip in August, the adjustment back here was very difficult for me which created some hesitation and anxiety for ever leaving again… especially so soon. But God is so good and during our time in the States, I felt so confirmed of our being in the Dominican Republic which made returning wonderful. We both felt ready for our return, and can say with 100% certainty that this is our home.

Since returning, the hardest thing has been re-adjusting to the time change – 4 hours ahead. We would lay in bed at 2 or 3am just staring at the ceiling asking each other if we felt tired yet. We’re almost back to normal. One of our biggest joys since returning is being with our dogs. We missed them so much and love to be with them. They are our daily entertainment.

Our first spring team just kicked off yesterday afternoon. Today we spent a few hours taking them through orientation and this evening after church we had fun teaching them a few cultural things like dancing, playing a typical cup game, and sampling coconut milk (which I personally have an aversion too). Tomorrow we kick off working in the communities at our ministry sites. I am very excited because I get to help out with translating in one them… go me!

Two prayer requests: since being back Josh’s moto hasn’t been running very well and our water heater isn’t working either! Please pray that the fix will be cheap and quick!

Happy New year!