Monday, October 3, 2011

October update

Hello! Sorry for the long absense... we've been insanely busy! Here is a little update as to what has been going on lately!

Semester Abroad 2011

We are now entering our 5th week working alongside 13 students who have come from Indiana for a cross-cultural experience in the Dominican Republic. Running this program is the highlight of our year, we absolutely love this program! Weekly we put on activities to develop unity, build community, and make this an unforgettable experience. No experience is like the next; each year is different and presents different challenges, learning experiences, and blessings.

This year the unforgettable experience is already in the making. I have had the privilege and honor and of walking alongside a gal who comes from a life of sorrow, anger, pain, shame, and fear. We have journeyed these past 4 weeks through a rigorous path of healing and there is still more mountain climbing to come. But this experience has been an amazing path of grace, peace, love, forgiveness and healing.

Having those moments where God takes your breath away are the moments worth living for.

I am living in one of these moments. I am “unqualified” to help this gal walk through this healing process, but God is so much bigger than qualifications, her hurt and pain, and my qualification and training. He is using her desire to heal and my willingness to be there for her and to pray for her, to bring about the most beautiful and incredible redemption I have ever witnessed. And it’s simply God being God and us walking faithfully with Him and allowing Him control that is bringing this about.

I am physically watching God change this gal’s life forever. She will never be the same.

I am humbled at His great power and ability.

What else is going on?

·         We will begin traveling on Saturday with the semester students. We’ll be traveling for one week.

·         We have a new house mate, Mark. He was a semester student of ours from 2009 and he’ll be with us for 6 weeks as he helps out in the medical site.

·         Melody and Adam will be visiting in November! We’re super excited to see them and to share with them our life here.

·         I (Vicki) am going to start helping out with the worship team at church. I know that I’ll be playing the keyboard and maybe I’ll get to help with singing.

·         Josh will be graduating with his master’s degree in Discipleship ministries in December.