Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Waiting for the video...

Well... I am sitting in our office at work (I know...very official) and I am waiting for Vicki to edit the video we took of our house. She is taking a long time but thats ok. We hope you enjoy it.

We are waiting to get internet at our house so the blog posts might not be posted as often. Hopefully we will get internet sometime in the next week.

We have been busy this week finishing our house set-up and also learning all the details of our job. We have a team coming from Feb. 25-Mar. 8 and we will be training during that time on how to run a short term outreach when teams are here. But right now we are getting trained on how to plan for the outreaches.

It has been raining a little more than we have been used to and we have a tin roof, so when it rains it can be pretty loud inside our house. This was the case last night as we were trying to go to bed.

Today while Vicki was filming the video, we left our front door open and Snickers came running inside and instead of kicking him out right away we decided to see what he would do. At first all was well because he just kept running from room to room but after a few minutes of that, he started sniffing the couch which we were both suspicious of. And sure enough he lifted his leg up and tried to pee on our couch. Luckily Vicki grabbed and moved him in time so he only went on the floor but I think that we will not experiment having the dogs in the house for a while.

UPDATE: It looks like the video is having trouble loading so we will try and fix the problem and get it posted in the next couple of days.

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Nosreme said...

Awe...Snickers loves the Orange couch too!!! How perfect. :)