Sunday, February 15, 2009

Off to our new car

Hey everyone! Happy belated Valentine's Day!
We have had a long week with car shopping and driving into the city and shopping for everything we needed to furnish our house. While this sounds like fun and easy work... it was really hard. The first day of shopping was spent just pricing things so that we could figure out what we could and couldn't afford. The second day was making decision and all the work of carrying things to the van, etc. It was really neat though, and we did enjoy the process... we are however quite glad that it is done.

We ended up finding a vehicle on Friday. Praise the Lord for that. It was a long day before we found anything within our price range. Everything we looked at was about $1000 more than what we wanted to spend. However, after a long day we finally came across a 1997 Honda CRV that was within the amount we wanted to pay. We had Lowell's trusty mechanic, Pedrito, come with us and he checked everything out for us and said it was in good shape. We are happy to finally have our own vehicle and have a feeling of freedom now that we don't have to depend on other people for rides.

As for our home, we love it. We are mostly settled in, we still have some maintenance work that we need to get done. Our gate to get in the driveway doesn't open very well and so we have to figure something out with that. This morning Vicki wasn't able to close the gate all the way because the tracks are not very good and so you are basically sliding the gate through grass and dirt. I suppose it can be a good workout though.

We have adjusted really well with the dogs and they really seem to enjoy having us around. If we are outside the house they are always rubbing up against us wanting to be petted. Snickers killed a rat Friday night, so that is another benefit to having them. He seemed to be real proud of it too because he kept walking over there and looking at us to make sure that we would admire what he did. We gave them baths, which was very needed. They didn't seem to enjoy the process all that much, but afterward they were running around the yard like they were puppies. It was really fun to watch them. They are so great, we are really getting attached to them.

Today we have spent most of the day relaxing and are going to be leaving for church in a few minutes. Vicki is planning to write a blog that is a little lengthier and includes more detail... be prepared :)


Deborah said...

Hey Josh and Vicki!! I would be posting more but I didn't realize that I hadn't checked your blog in like a week...sorry about that. I love hearing how you are doing and thanks for the address, we were going to ask you about that :-) I can't wait for pictures to see the inside of your house. God is good, I knew He would provide everything you needed, and in the price range you planned on. Way to stay inside that range!!! We miss you two but are still so excited for you! Can't wait to hear about your church service :-) Love you,

Hawker said...

Thanks for the warning Josh!