Thursday, February 12, 2009

Setting up the house

We have been very busy the last two days getting things we need for our house and along the way been stopping by the car dealers to try and find a car. We go to Santiago which is about an hour away to get all the stuff that we need and today we spent about 7-8 hours going from store to store. A long process but I think we have everything we need to move in.

Hopefully if we find a vehicle on Friday we will be able to move in by the weekend and relax a little bit. We are definately feeling the fatigue with the time change and from an emotional time at MTI and saying goodbye's to family and friends and then leaving so quickly to arrive here.

Next week we are going to start learning more about the job we will be doing. Going over all the details that we need to know. We will have about 1 1/2 weeks (Feb. 25) before a team comes down. That will be our first group of teams. After that we have groups coming one after the other until Aug. 8, with the exception of a couple week break in April in which we will be preparing for the busy season of summer.

We will try and get some pictures and maybe a video when we start to get settled in. We also posted information on the side of the blog if people are interested in sending mail to us while we are here in the D.R. Please remember though, it costs us $1.50 per pound to receive any packages (letters are free).

We also want to express our thanks to all those who are praying and supporting us and to those who follow us through the blog. We are so very thankful for everyone. We are very excited about the ministry that is happening in Jarabacoa and we are really glad that you are all partnering with us to be apart of it.

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