Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Hello everybody! This is Vicki here... I haven't had chance in quite some time to reflect a little on here, so I'm jumping in on this opportunity.

First I need to tell you that I have like 20 bug bites; 3 on my face (which happen in the middle of night), 12 on my arms and hands... 7 of those happened in the middle of the night - the sneaky bugs, and the rest on my legs, and one on the bottom of my foot... which I don't understand because I wear pants and shoes all day long! And today I got attacked by ants. I received several bites on my ankles from them. I just thought you should all know about that. Okay, enough complaining :)

Anyway... things are going really well. Our home is basically all set up. Job training has been good too. It's been a little slower paced than we expected, but that's great because it's allowed us to really concentrate on the things we do have to work on.

A friend suggested to me right before we flew out to come here, that I keep a journal of things that are different here. He said, one day, those differences won't be differences anymore, that I may forget. I thought that seemed like a good idea so here are a few...
~ chickens and roosters clucking/crowing at ALL hours of the day and night
~ the constant smell and sight of gas as we're driving down the road
~ how friendly everyone is here
~ how willing people are to help us learn Spanish
~ the electricity cutting in and out
~ finding cows in the most random places
~ we can watch a storm as it comes for us
~ it is second nature to honk the horn on ones vehicle
~ one can basically park their vehicle anywhere
~ it seems that each bumpy and pot-hole covered road can be beaten out by another
~ needing several keys to open and run ones house - we haven't quite figured out how many we have yet
~ the Coca Cola is so much better here
~ many stray dogs
~ it is so lush and bright green here

This is just a start of some of our observations

I'm still working on the video... I'm having problems with the uploading process. I've tried a few things and they haven't come through, so I will keep trying other options.


Nosreme said...

I agree that the Cola is much better down there. I am so happy that the local store here has some Cola from down south. I have been told the difference is the inkd of sugar that is used.

I am glad you two are getting settled in. We miss you and continually pray for you each tuesday night during our prayer meeting. I'll remember to mention the bug bites. :)

Deborah said...

I'd be right there with you Vicki on the bug bites, the bugs have always loved me...something to look forward to when we visit :-)

I love your list, Casey and I laughed a little at the differences.

I'm so glad things are going well for you two!! We look forward to seeing your video if you can get it loaded.