Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Top 5 things we're looking forward too and will struggle with most about the states

Top 5 Things we are looking forward to about the states: (not in any particular order)

1.       Recreational activities (while there are several rivers and waterfalls, there is a huge lack of organized sports. Josh is very much looking forward to organized basketball again)

2.       (Josh) Being able to utilize my experience and bring in a cross-cultural perspective into the new ministry that I’ll be working in – Youth For Christ

3.       Food (milk, ice cream, cheese, large varieties of everything!... and Starbucks!)

4.       Raising Julia near family

5.       Things being open 24/7

Top 5 things we will most struggle with in the states: (not in any particular order)

1.       Lifestyle

·         The pace of life is difficult for us – it’s so rushed

·         People have a permanent best friend called “smartphone” – the need to be in constant connection with the world/friends/facebook/twitter is foreign to us. When we’re back at Christmas this is one of the hardest things for us to be exposed to, constantly being interrupted by Mr. /Mrs. Smartphone and the divided attention by the person holding it.

2.       Having a different perspective than those around us on materialism and consumerism, and needs vs. wants

3.       Lack of community

·         We are used to and love the community that we have with Students International, coming back and not having that type of community will be really hard

4.       Quality of relationships

·         Relationships here are very intentional and everyone has time (or makes time) for everyone

·         Each day is an adventure with relationships – you never know when another incredible conversation is going to happen, but they happen frequently

·         Not really being known

5.       Hard to relate to others because of the experience and not being able to fully communicate or express this place

·         We’ve been away for 4 years in a place that few of our friends and family have seen and we’ve changed a lot as a result. Communicating who we truly are and the condition of our hearts will be something that will be very hard to do – few will “get it”


Melodyjoycook said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! It's crazy to believe that you guys have been living in the DR since the iPhone came out. There's no doubt about it - we are all a little too addicted to our phones! :) Love you guys!

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Alexandra said...

Thanks for this wonderful thoughts of yours. You really makes me pause a little bit to ponder things. More power!