Friday, October 12, 2012

Top 5 things we are not going to miss about the D.R.

Top 5 things we are not going to miss about the D.R.

1.       Lack of customer service

·         It’s not a huge deal, but sometimes I do get tired of waiting to pay for stuff or get help because the cashier is checking facebook, having a personal conversation on their cell phone, hanging out with the other employees but forgetting to work, or just simply doesn’t care. I know these things happen in the states too, but it’s on a very different scale… in my experience, it happens everywhere here, including the grocery store, emergency room, nice resorts, restaurants, etc.

2.       Lack of structure and organization (ex. standing in line, applying for residency, driving, putting on basketball tournaments, filling up the car with gas, paying for bills, etc.)

3.       Being center of attention because of color of skin (seen and treated as rich) (getting hissed at)

·         We draw extra attention because we’re white. I (Vicki) get hissed at a lot when I’m walking through town, going for runs, and paying bills. (The hissing is a way of trying to get my attention.) I also draw comments like: mi amor, princessa, and mi visa. The comments and hissing don’t hurt me, but I don’t really like it.

·         Because we’re white, we’re seen as rich. And I know that we are never wanting for anything that we need… so we are rich! But it’s hard to be in a place where we’re trying to do ministry but feel like people just see us as dollar signs. Sometimes people who aren’t even begging will just walk up to us and ask us for money.

4.       Sweating everyday (we love the sun, just not the constant sweating)

5.       Not being able to fully show/express ourselves to Dominicans

·         Due to culture, language, humor, and sarcasm differences, it’s difficult to show the “real me” to latinos. While we’re still able to communicate, share of ourselves, participate in our hobbies, and hang out, it’s still challenging to convey the true me – maybe it’s difficult because we place our priorities and values in different things… I’m not completely sure on this point.

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