Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"Vacation" Day 2

The title I chose may have been slightly deceiving as Josh and I are not technically on vacation. We are on a break from teams, which feels like vacation, but we still have planning and administrative tasks to do. One of the perks of being "on break" is that we can work from home. The photo below is our "home office". This is where all the great thinking takes place *wink wink*.

Tuesday was a great day. The morning we spent reading - I'm reading a new book called "Forgotten God" by Francis Chan, he is the author of another book I loved - "Crazy Love". My brother Stephen told me about them. I completely recommend both books, they're amazing.

Following a lovely and relaxing morning of reading and laundry we played games, took our car into the car wash - it's only 120 pesos ($4.00) to get the car cleaned inside and out! After lunch we went to work in "our office" where we enjoyed the gorgeous day of 86 degrees (in the shade).
The rest of the evening was great and relaxing, we watched the movie "Fools Rush In" - funny movie.

Josh is sitting in "our office" waiting for me to work, so off I go to join in!


Russell (Cole and Cindy) said...

Great picture!

The Entrekins said...'ve got sum splainin' to do-- HA! glad to see you enjoying your "work"! and a little jealous

Josh and Vicki Mathews said...

Haha... it's not Lucy in that pic, it's Snickers. She was off chasing bugs and chickens ;)