Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Me... a blogger? I don't think so!

I've decided that "updating" my friends and family via blogspot is not "my cup of tea" as Russell and Cindy might say :) I have a hard time taking my life and experiences and putting it to words on this page; however I am determined to be decent at this one day... so here I am, continuing to try this "blogging" thing, and probably to no success, but onward I go.

These past few days have been crazy, therefore leaving me incredibly tired and grasping at any pillow I find... even if for only 10 minutes. Since I dropped our car off on Monday to the mechanic, we have been relying on our trustee moto to get us around. Which is usually fine, until it rains... like it did all night the other night. When we arrived home, Josh was completely soaked from neck to toe (he wears a helmet) and my legs and arms were unmistakably drenched. The other issue I am faced with, is in the morning. I can either be ready to leave by 6:25am with Josh on the moto, or I can run to the base. Usually this question is a no brainer... I would run to the base (as I have been the past few weeks), however, as sleepiness seems to have taken over my body, running has not been my first choice. So this morning I crawled onto the back of the moto and came to base where I found comfort on a little cot in one of the back rooms. I slept very happily there until I heard a rooster, pig, goat, and cow making obnoxious noises at me... as I searched around the room, my eyes stopped at my cell phone... it was my phone alarm going off. Why am I so cruel to myself! Why would I ever set my own personal alarm to such ruckus first thing in the morning!? I think it goes without saying that I will be changing that tonight.

I think I got a little side-tracked there... back to my crazy days. Besides the usual meetings, planning, and prep we have each day, we are down to just one base vehicle right now which happens to be a manual (Josh hasn't learned how to drive a manual yet) which means I get the privilege of driving everyone around who needs transportation during the day. Usually this task isn't one of inconvenience... until now... of course :) So I have been driving around a lot lately in a truck that doesn't have AC and has leather seats. No one should ever have a vehicle with leather seats when the weather is usually scalding hot and humid. So showering more than once a day has become a necessity.

Other bits of craziness... as you may know, I am participating in the semester abroad program that we host here. So not only are Josh and I working very hard to plan and prepare for the program, but I am still working on getting myself registered for the program! It starts in like a month and I'm not quite in yet... ahhh!!!!

A very weird experience was taking our summer interns through the debriefing process who leave Saturday. It was strange realizing (again... it happens from time to time) that we aren't going home... for good anyway. We will go home for Mel's wedding but then we'll be right back here 2 weeks later. Strange feeling

A routine part of our day... especially in this blissful heat, is ice cream. The soft-serve place is our afternoon hang out. This is our happy place. Another happy place is watching Lucy... she is so entertaining! The stunts she pulls... no wonder she had a broken leg when we first got her!

Despite her general energetic mood and love for attacking Snickers she took about 3 minutes to sit peacefully with me. To mark this unusual event, we took a picture. She is getting so big, and therefore more mischievous, but all the more fun.

Little random notes:
~ we just watched the 2nd James Bond with the blond guy... Daniel Craig (I think)... I think it's called Quantum Solace... anyway... I was totally disappointed! What a bummer sequel to the Casino one which I thought was great!
~ Mairyn leaves in 15 days for the states, so it will be back to just Raul and us 2
~ notice how in the above picture I'm not tan... it's because I'm not, I don't tan. So when I come home, don't ask me why I'm not tan (*wink*)

Lots of love from Josh and I to all you who read this blog... thanks for your support!


Russell (Cindy and Cole) said...

We happen to think blogging is very much your cup of tea, in fact (another anglo saying coming your way) - this one tickled me pink! :D Seriously though - I think a lot of people loves these updates, this being one of my very favourites! The phone alarm and Lucy photo had me laughing especially...

Kathy Knight said...

Well Honey at least you have written your Blog I haven't done that. I don't have the... whatever it takes to discipline myself to get it done. I go to bed and plop at the end of the day mostly exhausted from trying to communicate and praying that I haven't said anything to offend or discourage anyone. Stay strong and finish strong my love. Big Mamma