Saturday, July 18, 2009

Excursion Improvised

Yesterday was excursion day for our teams. We send them out white water rafting or hiking to a waterfall. However for this outreach we have a man in a wheel chair, which makes these activities a little more difficult. Josh and I had been brainstorming some fun ideas and thought of taking Brian and his wife Barbi to Jamaca De Dios. The pictures will help to describe the beauty of the place. It's the top of a mountain that overlooks our valley... our town, Jarabacoa. The top of this place happens to be the top of a very expensive and new housing development, which means not just anyone is welcome to this view. We made reservations at the restaurant up there, which gave us passage to the top.

We spent a little time at the very top and then went down a little to the restaurant - which sits right on the side of the mountain... so we received an amazing view from there as well. The chef at the restaurant is a retired chef from the states, and actually cooked/baked at some of the nations finest restaurants including (I can't remember the name) the bakery/pastry shop at the top of the World Trade Tower. He is a really neat guy and treated us very well.

Josh and I with Brian and Barbi. They are from Bakersfield, CA. They brought a team from the their church. So while their team was out hiking through the forest to a waterfall, we enjoyed amazing food, company, and a gorgeous view! I ordered the prime rib with mashed potatoes. It was amazing!!!

This was Josh's desert, chocolate mousse... it was fabulous!

This was my desert... chocolate ravioli (the name on the menu sounds more amazing than what I wrote... but who cares... it was SO good!!!)
We had an amazing time... and the food made me feel like I was in the states for brief moment. It was a great time and if you ever come to visit us we will take you to this restaurant!


preppy-chic bride said...

We are SO going to that restaurant when I come to visit! PLEASE!! Blessings to you and your team this week - may the Lord fill your hearts with JOY! Love and can't wait to see you in about 29 days! What delicious thing are we going to eat? You are going to LOVE the wedding food!

Deborah said...

Wow, you live in a beautiful area! Can you see your house from those pictures? :-)
Casey and I can't wait to see you next month. We would love to take you to Mexican and Dairy Queen when you're here :-) Or where ever you'd like to go.
We continue to thank God for all you are doing over there and pray that each team is blessed beyond what they could have imagined! (And that you both are blessed beyond your imaginations too!!) We love you,