Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Shower in the yard?

Last night we took out the leaders of the team we are hosting to the local road-side stand, Dominican fast food dining called Pica Pollo, and we didn't get back home until after 11:30pm! This requires an exclamation point because our bed time is between 10-10:30. Because of this late night adventure, the team leader gave us a very special gift... sleeping in! He told us that he would run the morning activities and told us not to come in... SO NICE! So we got to sleep past the usual 5:30am wake up call and didn't roll out of bed until just before 7am.

All was going well until I turned the shower on to find a slow trickle of water. While this isn't an unfamiliar experience (the public water gets turned off Thursday afternoons through Friday evenings every week), I knew that it was still early on in the week... the water control people surely wouldn't turn it off this early on in the week... right? So I walked out of my room into the living room and looked out into the yard to find a fountain! A fountain that shouldn't exist.

The water spicket in the yard was spewing water all over our yard. I ran outside with my dogs following at my heals. Lucy ran up to the lake we had developing in our yard and barked at the gyser to "protect" me from it... she's so great! After about 3 minutes of securing all the joints (and with Josh's muscels and sharp mind) we were able to finally stop the flood. Needless to say after we were done, we were pretty wet. But we had a nice hot shower... so it was all worth it.

Awe... the wonderful things about foreign culture life.

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Scarlet said...

It's funny but fun. No worries of getting wet, at least you really have fun with that "shower in the yard" moment. Thanks!