Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Life up-to-date

There's no better way to enjoy R&R than spending it on the couch with Mel Gibson and Danny Glover in Lethal Weapon 1-4. Watching them blow things up in four exciting movies was how we decided to enjoy our few days off before getting back to work; well that and sleep and eat what little food we had in our house. Our vacating also consisted of battling over games like backgammon and eurorail, drinking homemade frappuccinos, exercising (believe it or not), and grocery shopping in Santiago... so that we'd actually have more to eat than pancakes and water.

Life since Snicker's passing has been fine. We have all adjusted well and are enjoying our time as the 3 Musketeers. Lucy and Josh have enjoyed sleeping together at night (I lay comfortably - at times- on my side alone, happily I might add); and our morning routine has changed in her favor, she's learning to run with us. We alternate days, so every other day she's with me and I have been taking her for 2 mile runs. We are highly considering finding another dog for safety purposes and to keep her company, especially for when the summer hits, but we're not rushing into anything.

The rain has been moving in which has made it much cooler, I must admit that its quite nice to have a break.

Tonight at staff Bible study we learned Creole in preparation for our up-coming Haiti trip. It was fun to do this as a team, we had a great time and our instructor laughed at us a lot... all in good fun of course. We're all really pumped and excited to go - 2 weeks exactly from today!

My half-marathon is on the 18th, the one Josh is putting on for me... so tomorrow is a 9 mile run day, which means I need to go to bed now. Good Night, Buenas Noches, and I can't remember what it is in Creole... uh oh


Russell said...

Great choice for R&R. Cindy recently bought me part III - which I will watch with her today since I am sick. Cole, Cindy and I will be cheering for you during your race!

Kaye said...

Good luck to you upcoming marathon, hope you'll make it to the finish line. God bless!