Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Tribute to my Parents - by Vicki

Before Josh and I embarked on this amazing journey we went to Colorado as many of you might remember. We had a 3-week intensive training for missions where much of the content from the classes was self-discovery. That discovery however was mainly concentrated in conflict and stress awareness and management. Since our time here, a whole new type of discovery has been taking place... complete self-discovery. I've been learning so much about me, my family, and my home culture.

What has been catching my attention mostly these past few weeks has been my parents. I have been learning and understanding what amazing, outstanding, and wonderful parents I have. While I have always believed my parents to be great and loving, this new level of realization has taken place through a better understanding of myself. As I learn more about me (which has been a lot this past 10 months); and as others recognize things about me, it has been coming more and more clear that this stems from the great upbringing I had. Just yesterday Dave, the president of SI, said to me, "you must have a great dad." So often I forget how lucky I am and was growing up. So I really want to say - Thanks mom and dad!

To all you parents who are reading this, please let this be an encouragement to never cease loving your children with everything you have. It will make all the difference in the world when they grow up and live in the world without you there 24/7 and also when they are confronted with tough situations - they will want to make you proud.

I want you to know that I have been praying for you. You help Josh and I out so much by your faithfulness to us through prayer and finances, please know that we pray for you and thank God for you.

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Russell (Cindy and Cole) said...

Having parents, and being a mom/dad, are both gifts in their own ways. :) Thanks for the post - and we agree, you and Josh have great parents!