Monday, September 21, 2009

Sometimes I miss home...

Sometimes I really hate looking at facebook; it makes me so sad to see all the moments from people's lives that I am missing... all the traditional trips with friends and family that I am no longer a part of. But my comfort lies in the truth of why I am here and how much I love the D.R. and the people. God is so faithful to provide things that are so dear to our hearts. So I guess what I am trying to say is that I miss you all SO much!

Alright... I am going to take a 180 degree turn now and share about our weekend. On Friday night we all went out to a pizza place after language class and had yummy American food to give the students a break from Dominican food. It was also someones birthday so we surprised her with a cake afterward. Then Saturday we took them all down to Santiago where we did activities that were school related like visiting a museum and The Monument (pictured below). Following these sites we took them to a store called La Sirena; it's equivalent would be something like a Target. We don't have anything like this in our small town, so it was chance to get needed items that are off/on available to us up in Jarabacoa. This small tour took nearly all day... we left just after 9am and didn't get back until 5:30pm.

Now I sit and ponder... do I procrastinate? Work on Spanish homework? Or come up with my Bible study for the ladies? My deadline for homework and Bible study prep is tomorrow... so I should probably get working on that, eh?

This photo was taken at the top of The Monument

Our 15 college students from Bethel College in Indiana

The middle flag is the Dominican Republic flag

The Monument

Before I do that I have a final thought to leave you with... "Don't scare a man carrying a machete from behind". I did that accidentally yesterday on my run and that machete went flying. If my heart wasn't beating fast before that it was after that!

Prayer requests:
Ability to pick up language quickly and correctly
Energy for all the things we have going on right now
Patience with both our language teacher and the students
Wisdom in Bible study preparation

Thank you everyone for you love and support!


The Entrekins said...

Yeah! Yeah! for updates... we love reading about your lives and covet those beautiful blue skies in the background of your pictures. Praying for you-

Josh and Vicki Mathews said...

Sissy - everytime you leave a note, my heart rests. Your words deliver me so much peace. Thank you for that! We appreciate your prayers... thank you for thinking of us.

Anonymous said...

I used to run around that monument every other afternoon when I lived there (amid all the hissing and not so fun comments of many D men! Good times! How'd you like Santiago? I love it!